Our Point of View

While there’s much to learn from the past, we’re more interested in shaping what’s ahead. We’ve invested in unique capabilities across cultural insight, data strategy and innovation. Alongside our partnerships with best-in-class data and intelligence experts, we have all the building blocks for an unparalleled world view; making us the leaders of Now & Next.

Industry Reports

Backslash’s latest report explores food through the lens of climate change, cultural heritage, technology, and more. Dig in to learn how businesses can create a brighter future through food.

If we can uncover the current and emerging fashion needs of contemporary Chinese gen-z consumers, we can unlock new possibilities which have or yet to be explored in other categories.

“Pragmatic”, “sustainable” and “inclusive” technological innovation is the wind that this CES points to the future, and it is also an experience that brands can and even must embrace in the post-epidemic era.

We’ve “uncoded” and zoomed in on bilibili user behaviors from data and media tags to understand the fascinating reasons behind those behaviors. With this report, we aim to help brands understand and embrace Bilibili, effectively interact with its Gen Z audience, while preserving this precious public mind space of contemporary Chinese youth.

As Douyin shows, short videos are not only a means of content creation and presentation, but also can be used for brand promotion and as an empowering tool for commercial transformation.